Saturday, October 20

Reuse and Recycle: Tea Time Garden

I myself am a tea obsessed person, a perfect afternoon always includes a cup of English Breakfast and a HobNob! I'm also a big fan of reusing items that would otherwise be thrown away. This is a great way to pretty up the home or garden and it's not too costly either! On Pinterest today I found all these great tea themed planter ideas, it makes me want to go out and buy Twinings tins!

This next one is a great idea for a wedding centerpiece! 

Friday, October 19

Backyard Inspirations: Pallet Gardens

Out of all my favorite things to recycle in the garden it has to be the pallet! I've already written a post about all the different ways you can incorporate them into your garden. Over time I have collected a few other ways that you can use a pallet in your garden!

Thursday, October 18

Wednesday, October 17

Nifty Wedding Ideas: The Halo Effect

While doing some research for a bride of ours I came across these lovely examples of halos or what you may call headpieces. This is another trend that I've been seeing a lot of lately and thought I would share it with you folks. If you yourself are planning a wedding this is a great way to make your look more earthy and whimsical if thats what your going for. Some of these are a bit Avant Garde but they're still fun to look at! I also think they look really cute on flower girls! All photos are courtesy of GreenWeddingShoes.

Tuesday, October 16

Seasonal Bedecking: Halloween Pumpkins

Here's a whole new list of ideas on how to spook your trick or treaters! I found some pretty creative ways to decorate your home or garden this Halloween! Check out the pictures below!

I love this idea of melting wax onto the pumpkins! It's also a great way to use those old crayons in the back of the drawer!

If any of you have little children this would be a great after school project that they would really get a kick out of making!

These pumpkins are little more polished than the others, also less labor as you don't have to take the seeds out and all you need is some glue and ribbons!

This is a great way to fill up your hearth for the season! I love the idea of this and its a great way to decorate your home for the holidays!

 I love the idea of painting on a pumpkin, it's a lot less messy and can have just as pretty as an effect! If you want to turn your pumpkin into a vase come to Christoffers! We even sell these beautiful Chinese Lantern Flowers!

Monday, October 15

Ideas for the Home: Indoor Plants

During the upcoming winter months I miss working out in the garden and taking care of all the plants. Many of our customers say the same, so I thought I'd share with you some of the cooler indoor plants that do surprisingly well indoors. Click on each photo to see more information. My favorite is the last, the Staghorn Fern! Which is your favorite? If you're looking for more in depth suggestions on houseplants I suggest The Unexpected Houseplant: 220 Extraordinary Choices for Every Spot in Your Home. 

Friday, October 12

Lifestyle: Cabin Inspiration

I love being outdoors, living in Mountainside I get to be surrounded by a great amount of wildlife. In a perfect world I would have my own cabin near the water with a few acres that I could vacation to in my spare time. I started a whole Pinterest Board on the idea, hope you like some of my favorites that I've posted here today!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 10

Ariana's Pick: Sloane Ranger

Hello all! I've decided to start a new section of the blog, where I share my favorite things currently in at Christoffers. To start off I thought I'd talk about the new company Sloane Ranger. I met the creator at this past summer's Gift Show in Atlanta. It was such a pleasure and I was so excited for this line to arrive! They have a great selection of bags, wallets, cell phone cases, socks and more! Below is a video from their website which I encourage you to look at! And below the video you'll find photos of my favorite Sloane Ranger items we carry.

Not sure what a Sloane Ranger is exactly?
The term Sloane Ranger (often shortened to Sloane or less frequently Sloanie) refers to a stereotype in the UK of young, upper class or upper-middle-class women, or men who share distinctive and common lifestyle traits. 

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