Sunday, March 25

Seasonal Bedecking: Easter Tiered Floral Arrangement

Having trouble deciding on a centerpiece this Easter? Here is a great idea that I picked up at Martha Stewart's website. Instead of having one large arrangement in the center have lots of little tiny ones, either put them on a tiered platter like in the photo below or have them scattered down the middle!

Saturday, March 24

What's in Now

As you may remember in early February I announced that there would be a whole new corner coming to Christoffers' gift shop, I am glad to tell you that it is here! Along with Baggu bags, backpacks, and pouches we have jewelry, scarves, notebooks, pillows, and more!

Saturday, March 10

Gardening: Go Green

It's almost spring and it's time to start planning your garden! This year go green in both senses of the word. Try planting a vegetable garden to cut down on your carbon footprint, it's also cheaper for you too! I plan on a garden full of Hosta this year so my garden will be a beautiful gamut of greens! Check out some of my inspirations for my garden this year! All photos curtesy of Martha Stewart.

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