Thursday, February 16

What's to Come

I am very excited because today I am announcing a whole new branch to Christoffers! Ariana + Amelia, Kurt and Fiona's daughters, are now buyers for the gift store as well, bringing in a whole new line of jewelry, bags, paper goods and more for a younger generation. You should be expecting to see their new products in the store sometime early April!

Monday, February 13

Valentines at Christoffers

It's crazy right now at Christoffers! The shop is full of flowers waiting to be arranged, make sure you get in there today or tomorrow to get flowers for your special someone!

Friday, February 10

Food: Valentine's Day Treats!

Here are an assortment of sweet treats from my absolute favorite food blog, Everyday Occasions. I have made a lot of the recipes from it and they all turned out splendidly! I don't have anything in particular that I make when it comes to Valentine's Day, what about you guys? Anything special that you're planning?
Click on each photo to take you to the recipe!

Thursday, February 9

What's in Now: Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day coming up this Tuesday, Christoffers has you covered with all things Valentine's! You can go for the traditional red rose or something more funky like the mini callas or mini cymbidium orchids!  As for giftware check out some photos that Fiona took earlier today in the shop!

Tuesday, February 7

Valentines Day Garlands

One of my favorite holidays to decorate the house for is Valentine's Day, one of the things always around the house during this time is garland, here are some ideas to help you get in the spirit!
Found on Real Simple
What you need:
Assorted Paper
Needle and Thread
2” Scalloped Shaped Hole Punch

  1. Fold 3” to 6” paper squares in half and cut a half heart from the fold.
  2. Thread needle and string hearts together through the top center of the folded paper hearts.
  3. Using scalloped hole punch, make shapes from paper. Thread needle and string through the opposite sides of each scalloped paper.
  4. Add as many hearts and scallops as it takes to raech your desired length.

If you don't feel like making your own you can buy this burlap pennant garland on Etsy!

This is a great way to use all those scraps of fabric you weren't sure how to use! Click here to see the full directions!

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