Wednesday, October 10

Ariana's Pick: Sloane Ranger

Hello all! I've decided to start a new section of the blog, where I share my favorite things currently in at Christoffers. To start off I thought I'd talk about the new company Sloane Ranger. I met the creator at this past summer's Gift Show in Atlanta. It was such a pleasure and I was so excited for this line to arrive! They have a great selection of bags, wallets, cell phone cases, socks and more! Below is a video from their website which I encourage you to look at! And below the video you'll find photos of my favorite Sloane Ranger items we carry.

Not sure what a Sloane Ranger is exactly?
The term Sloane Ranger (often shortened to Sloane or less frequently Sloanie) refers to a stereotype in the UK of young, upper class or upper-middle-class women, or men who share distinctive and common lifestyle traits. 

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