Saturday, September 22

Newspaper Clip of the Week: The Writing Revolution

So this isn't usually something that I would talk about on the Bamboo & Fern blog, but as many of you are parents I thought you might be interested. As someone who hasn't always had the greatest confidence in this government's educational system, particularly in the english department, it is a relief to see that someone is trying a new formula. Below is an excerpt of the story of how New Dorp High School was able to turn itself around. If you'd like to read the article in it's entirety click here!

"For years, nothing seemed capable of turning around New Dorp High School’s dismal performance—not firing bad teachers, not flashy education technology, not after-school programs. So, faced with closure, the school’s principal went all-in on a very specific curriculum reform, placing an overwhelming focus on teaching the basics of analytic writing, every day, in virtually every class. What followed was an extraordinary blossoming of student potential, across nearly every subject—one that has made New Dorp a model for educational reform."

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