Wednesday, September 12

What's in Now: Cheese Lovers Spread!

Cheese lovers rejoice! Last month Christoffers received a shipment of gorgeous cheese boards. The best part? They're echo friendly! The company that makes these fabulous finds is Europe2You, they spend their time traveling to sites around Europe that are about to be demolished, claiming anything that they can.

We also have a great selection of books including this Cheesemonger's Kitchen: Celebrating Cheese in 90 Recipes, below are some pics from inside!

This is another great product that we just got in, Cheese Papers, sounds odd I know, but how many times after a party have you had to get out the cling wrap for that Brie you didn't finish? This paper unlike the cellophane is made to keep your cheese fresher, longer. It's also not a bad way to wrap cheese you're bringing as a gift! They even come with To and From stickers!

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