Tuesday, November 15

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas Part Deux

The decorations I showed you last time were a little on the untamed and unpolished side and a tad pricey too depending how much you were looking to spend. Today I'll be showing you a refined and cheaper route. Everything today was found at Jenny Steffens Blog, Everyday Occasions.

Here is a simple way to dress up any table setting, and it's free! Just go outside, to your backyard, the woods or a local park and clip off a few branches. Remember in this case less is more, you will only need a few branches depending on the size of your table.

Here's another variation to what you see above, instead of using tree branches, you could use bittersweet that you can purchase at Christoffers Florist. I prefer the simplicity of the bittersweet personally, I also get a few extra branches and wrap some around the chandelier over the dining room table! It really brings the whole room together.

Click here to download Thanksgiving Place Cards!

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