Sunday, December 2

Music: Christmas Playlist

It's December, which means that it is, with out a doubt Christmas Season! All the radio stations are playing those tracks specially saved for this time of year, helping you get in the mood for Christmas! For some of you it means attending parties and getting ready for that long car ride to a relatives house, but for others it means hosting and creating just the right atmosphere for the occasion. One of the major elements to any party is the music, it can be hard to compile a couple of hours of holiday music without the tracks starting to repeat themselves. And there are always those house guests that detest holiday songs. So I have compiled a playlist of music to help you out, there are some decidedly holiday songs in here but a lot of them just have that merry spirit that you want for your party. Take a listen below! What song means Christmas to you? Mine is Cyndi Lauper's Early Christmas Morning!

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