Sunday, November 25

DIY: Felt Garland

Here's a cool DIY I found on Poppytalk the other day. This was made with a Thanksgiving theme but you can easily change it to fit any occasion! Click here to get your personal message written out in the same font! This is a great DIY and only took about twenty minutes for me to put together!

Here's what you'll need:

 Step 1: Print out your letters.

Step 2: Roughly trim around them and pin them onto your felt and cut each letter out.

This font is so easy to use as it requires no precision cutting to look great. 

When you've finished cutting you will have all of these beautiful, colourful letters ready to sew.

Step 3:  Pin your letters onto your bias binding.

You could use a ruler here to make sure they are the same distance apart. I freestyled it and the garland turned out fine.

 Step 4: Sew your letters onto your binding and you're done!

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