Sunday, May 20

Lifestyle: Sunday Dinner!

 It's so lovely to finally have nice weather where we can be outside all day! This weekend was the first of the farmers market season (it actually started last week but I was unaware!) On the menu tonight was homemade Ceasar Salad (with locally grown romaine lettuce!), steamed asparagus, steamed broccoli, avocado salad, turkey burgers with an Indian Onion Chutney (courtesy of Star of India in Kenilworth) and munster cheese, lobster tails and to finish off the meal we had Rhubarb Pie with fresh whipped cream and home grown strawberries! It was one of our better family meals to say the least!

If you're wondering what exactly an Avocado Salad is, its basically what you put in guacamole, but instead of mashing all the ingredients together you slice up the avacado and sprinkle the spices, tomatoes, onions and lemon juice on top! Yumm!

The pup had a good evening too, finishing off some of the strawberries for us!

Like food, music is also a big part of our life, so wether we're working out in the yard or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we have some of our favorite tunes playing! Click here to visit Bamboo & Fern's new YouTube page where we will be sharing our family favs and playlists! Here is a link to the playlist we were listening to today! Or check out one of the videos below! 

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